qualified leads

timeone is an expert

in lead generation

timeone is an expert

in lead generation

TimeOne is a specialist in the generation of qualified profiles: acquisition, nurtering, real-time flow sending… our experts offer multi-link devices throughout the value chain. Take advantage of our perfect knowledge of lead generation!
Possible intervention contexts:

  • Embedding qualified prospects in your database;
  • Deduplicated email marketing devices compared to a repellent base;
  • Feeding your call center trays;
  • Generation of involving actions (opening bank accounts or subscribing to insurance) via a 360° acquisition system;
  • Purchase of “cards“.
Why choose TimeOne

for your lead

generation campaigns?

Benefit from our 360° system

We rely on a 360 ° media device (email, coregistration, social, media buying, emulators, etc.)



We have the best practices adapted to your business sector

Email marketing

Bet on the # 1 emailing network in France with more than 350 compliant RGPD databases


TimeOne has exclusive technologies (management of advertising pressure in emailing + technological platform of intentional leads)

Entrust your campaigns

to our 3 poles of expertise

#1 The Auto Department

#Advanced Lead Generation

Take advantage of our entity that publishes automotive thematic sites

leader in auto audience generation

15,000 intentional leads / month (2018)

10 years of expertise in the sector

on many BtoB and BtoC campaigns

several portals dedicated to the automobile sector

Content sites dedicated and edited by TimeOne

an expert team

Our teams of specialists from the sector understand the specificities and provide support in your problems

#2 The Mutual Insurance Department

dedicated banking and insurance finance department

For more than 10 years, the group’s operating entities have been generating numerous leads in this sector

a global network

This unique expertise on the market ensures that we can provide a specialized financial network

a unique technology

We provide you with specialized technological solutions for the finance sector to better manage your campaigns

Get good results

More than 1M of paid shares (leads and subscriptions) in bank/insurance/finance in the single year 2019 !

#2 The Mutual Insurance Department

Here are our “insurance and mutual” references

our references in the field of


#3 The Services Department

leader in the energy sector

This expertise in the energy sector on the market ensures that we can provide an exclusive network with high volumetrics.

telecom expert

We have been working with Bouygues Telecom and Coriolis for many years in the context of preferential and tailor-made partnerships

Dating specialist

As an exclusive partner of Meetic since many years, we have been working with this market for a long time: Attractive World, BE2, Elite Rencontre, etc.

There is a TimeoNe

solution for each objective


Capture new leads with our own coregistration and co-sponsoring collection solution.

lead management

Thanks to our unique technology, you can easily integrate qualified intentional leads into your CRM or PRM system.

Deduplicated emailing

Load prospects easily with our email solutions that integrate deduplication via suppression lists or inter-publisher databases.