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Launch your emailing acquisition campaign thanks to TimeOne, initiator of the CPA (Collectif Pour les Acteurs du Marketing Digital) email commission. Take advantage of our 100% RGPD database and unique technologies to acquire leads.

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Reach your goals with our (customer centric) deduplication emailing solution.

NB: inter-affiliate deduplication is also possible

What is the principle?

Affiliate databases are deduplicated with the advertiser’s database


The benefits are as follows:


Control exposure pressure by avoiding spreading a message to your prospect base.

Become an attractive brand on the publisher-emailer network and perpetuate partnerships.

Increase the market share of emailing in the affiliation system.

Generate 100% new customers.


” At Interflora, the affiliate program has been around for almost 10 years. Its goal is to grow desktop and mobile sales and acquire new customers, while being a profitable lever. We are very satisfied with the level of service provided by TimeOne because we are accompanied by an expert team on the different issues related to performance marketing.


Acquisition manager