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TimeOne gives you the opportunity to engage in conversation with your targets by taking advantage of our storytelling expertise, technologies and data. Let’s start the conversation about your project and tell us about your brand’s objectives!

Potential intervention contexts of your engagement campaign




Initiate the dialogue with your prospects via scripted campaigns

Search for incremental audiences via so-called “Prospecting” campaigns

Induce the virality of your “social” content and drive sharing via social networks

(Re)introduce purchasing paths, incoming leads, reactivate mobile applications



We have developed our own Native Ads platform to centralize all the elements of a campaign. Our tools have specific functionalities for engagement campaigns (amount of time spent on site, number of pages viewed, etc.)
As content experts, we are able to design your campaigns to be engaging. Our know-how allows us to play on the complementarity between all the available channels.
Our algorithms using machine learning and artificial intelligence allow us to search for incremental audiences.

Choose TimeOne and enjoy a unique Native Ads technology

The Native is a perfect channel for an engagement campaign. We have developed our own Native Ads platform to centralize and automate your campaigns.

Benefit from a

clear and

optimized reporting

A single report combining consistent, reliable and unified data.

We centralize all distribution statistics in a single report.

Illustration of our

prospecting solutions:

shopty customer

case study

Step 1: Modeling standard profiles

Identifying customer journey with grouping of key steps (e. g. Homepage > Category > Product > Basket > Purchase).

Step 2: Correlation via 3rd party data

Matching of 1st party data and “data provider” data.

Step 3: Extrapolation of the Look Alike audience

Matching the identified profile and identifying similar profiles – on a behavioural and demographic basis – via our 3rd party partner in order to create a Look Alike audience.

our Distribution Partners

our ad verification Partners

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in sales volume


on the average basket vs. the average channels

Multi-device activation: Mobile / Tablet / Desktop

Expansion in 4 countries in Europe