Presentation of the Business Activity


TimeOne – Social put its skills in the setting up of Social marketing campaigns at your service. By merging our Lead Generation expertise with Data Driven Marketing and campaign optimization in real-time, we are able to bring performance and success to your campaigns (Leads, Traffic, Engagement, etc.).

Vision and values

  1. Goals and target
    Lead/Traffic generation, app download according to the client core target
  2. Responsive Media
    Possibility to create a dedicated Landing Page adapted for lead generation
  3. Reach extension
    We can provide you with your own TimeOne audience segment within facebook
  4. A/B Testing and optimization
    We adjust the audience categories and configure the campaign in real time according to the results
  5. Performance Business Model
    Our social Media Marketing experts will provide you with leads, visits, downloads on a performance basis and according to your ROI


Schematic representation of our expertise


Customer case

Karavel Group (FRAM & Promovacances)



Increase the group’s customer database while optimizing a conversion in terms of sales on the sites.

Diffusion area: France

Economic Model: CPL

Targeting: native Facebook targeting (interest-based travel), lookalike existing Karavel Group customers and Facebook page interactions, DMP TimeOne data

Answer: distribution of native forms to Facebook (lead ads) to a qualified audience to maximize conversions mainly on mobile but also on desktop.

Results: 260,000 impressions, 3,500 clicks and 1,500 leads generated on both brands for a conversion rate of 43%, all over a period of one month.