Presentation of Business Activity


TimeOne – Native: our Content Discovery specialist is fully equipped to offer you overall support for your Native Advertising and Content Discovery strategies.

Vision and values

  1. Data Content Discovery
    Customised content storytelling: from generating interest to creating unity vis-à-vis the brand’s values
  2. Bespoke solutions
    Deployment of Native / Customised content (Content Discovery, Email Content Remarketing, etc.) schemes
  3. Exclusive formats
    Emotional interactions via our Native “in-house” formats
  4. Conversational marketing
    Simple schemes embedded throughout the process via a conversational approach
  5. Consulting service
    From Native Advertising strategy and the creation of brand contents to choices of formats, media delivery and optimisation… our advice covers the entire value chain

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Schematic representation of our expertise


Client case study

AFPA is the leading vocational training organisation offering diploma courses for adult job seekers and employees in France and Europe.
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Key issue

Supply high-quality traffic to AFPA, generate engagement on the website and thus sustain the retargeting schemes.

Business model: CPC
Delivery area: FR
Response: delivery of contents (articles, forms and photos), creation of an intelligent internal network that interconnects contents and provides an initial idea of the user’s journey and engagement > support for the user in his/her journey prior to the commercial proposal.
Targeting: Candidates for vocational retraining, men aged between 30 and 45
Contribution KPIs: pages viewed, account creations and training requests.


22,000 visits: average of 4 pages viewed, 7% of the traffic has participated in a request for training, increase in performance on retargeting schemes.