Market Place


Presentation of business activities


We perform the real-time aggregation of leads generated on websites with over 1,000 partners.
After analysis, checking and scoring of the leads, profiles are made available on our Marketplace.

Vision and values

  1. Collection
    Real-time aggregation of leads originating from multiple sources
  2. Lead Nurturing – Analysis – Checking – Standardisation
    “Work” performed on leads to provide layers of added value through modelling
  3. Marketplace
    Transmission to buyers in real time via an API or via a “lead market”
  4. Local
    Geographical distribution: sales outlet, broker, etc.
  5. Requalification
    Qualification or making of an appointment via a proprietary call-centre

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Schematic representation of our expertise


Client case study

The Santiane Group is one of the biggest insurance brokers in France.
Find out more about Santiane

Key issue

Provide Santiane’s advisors with a high-volume daily supply of leads. Offer additional solutions to the usual sources (Adwords, Display, Emailing, etc.) in order to reduce the marketing pressure

Delivery area: FR
Targeting: Seniors and families
Real-time deduplication via a webservice
Business model: CPL
Response: Lead acquisition via the Marketplace to provide a regular, high-volume supply for the call centre.


Attainment of volumes of 3,000 to 4,000 leads per month