Let’s create value by interlinking content, data and technologies


TimeOne –  Native produces content for brands while using storytelling based on conversational principles. By using a Content Discovery approach, TimeOne – Native promotes a more respectful communication model in which Web users becomes stakeholders in their relationship with the brand.


TimeOne – Publishing publishes high added-value websites positioned in the final “touches” before conversion (ReserverUnEssai / OccasionVO / OffreDeFormations / QuelForfaitMobile / etc.). By offering specialised services with high added value, TimeOne – Publishing is the “go-to” operator in the motor vehicle, insurance, finance, training and telecommunications sectors.

All of this “bottom-of-funnel” Data capital is a major asset, contributing to the added value of “T1” – the Group’s prescriptive DMP. T1 is supplied with data from numerous, qualitative, recent and exclusive sources. Precise information, such as the budget that a Web user is prepared to allocate to a purchase, the type of vehicle, telephone operator, etc., are made accessible.

More broadly speaking, T1 collects and processes huge volumes of data transversally. Our DMP aims to facilitate the exploitation of raw data by the Group’s different Business Units. Data Scientists and Mathematicians apply layers of Marketing Automation (Machine Learning, Feedback Loop, Auto-Optimisation) and Prescriptive Marketing (Predictive Segmentation, Simulations, Automated Decision-Making) to T1. This combination of processing operations is particularly beneficial in allowing for the qualification of Web users so that “business” decisions can be made. Data are thus processed, clustered and made accessible to form the core of the media strategy.


ROI-oriented approach and modelling
the rebirth of Performance Marketing


TimeOne – Performance, is positioned at a data crossroads between publishers and advertisers. TimeOne – Performance proposes ground-breaking services in acquisition, turnover generation, sleeper reactivation and Web user engagement.
TimeOne – Performance provides an ROI-oriented solution to a performance issue, promoting the attainment of a CAC. A “Data-Driven Performance Marketing” approach dictates the choices of tools, technologies, measurements, remunerations and KPIs.

Lead Management Technologies

TimeOne – Market Place aggregates, analyses, checks and scores the profiles provided on a Marketplace. Thanks to T1—the group’s predictive DMP—the modelling surpasses traditional methods and allows for the provision of leads of unrivalled quality.


Let’s give an industrial dimension to a bespoke service


TimeOne – Programmatic, the group’s programmatic service, gives the ability to implement media and provide access to a qualified audience on different channels (Display, Video, Social, etc.). This is why programmatics are incorporated transversally throughout the group’s different business activities.


TimeOne – Mobile the group’s mobile specialist, combines programmatics and performance in order to cover the entire mobile conversion tunnel.

TimeOne masters the technology and develops algorithms capable of making the right automated decisions. While this technology is essential in allowing for the provision of the best programmatic strategies to advertisers, it does not replace people. It simply makes their work more efficient.

Programmatic, a scientific approach and technologies allow TimeOne to give an industrial dimension to all of its bespoke schemes.

By combining expertise in content creation, machine learning, prescriptive marketing, performance and real-time activation, TimeOne is adding new value to media and creating a new Marketing Services ecosystem.