with influencers

creative, audacious

and innovating

influence CAMPAIGNS

Stand out thanks to our global offer combining nano, micro and macro influencers! Thanks to TimeOne’s expertise, reach your core target audience in a precise and creative way by collaborating with authentic influencers!

Potential operating contexts:

  • Share your story and values in a personal and intimate way through our creators, whether they are on Youtube or Instagram.
    Make your products visible on social networks to boost excitement in order to create engagement and sales.
    Organize events (private party, travel, workshop…), a good way to communicate about your brand and create a strong link between you and the creators.
Why choose

TimeOne for your

influence campaigns?

Advice & creativity

We take time to discuss your issues and objectives together. The purpose is to design unique and creative campaign scenarios.

Innovative technology

Our own technology allows us to find the best creators for your campaign.

Performance metrics

We run your campaign from A to Z and measure the impact of each creator, network by network.

Track your campaigns at all times

We have developed a technology that allows you to consult your campaigns’ performance at all times of the day!

Track your campaigns at all times


You can add as many brands as you want and display creator-specific insights on the daytime schedule you choose.

An “export” function allows you to export essential information and simply insert it into your own reports.