Presentation of business activity


TimeOne – Publishing is the thematic website publishing specialist. The audience accessed allows for the proposal of special operations, branding and lead-collection operations to brands. The division promotes content and brand content as value creation sources.

Vision et values

  1. Automobile Media Leader
    Coverage of the product life cycle (maintenance, test-drive requests, sharing of experience, new & used vehicles, etc.)
  2. Branding
    Content and brand communication are placed at the heart of the strategy via display schemes and bespoke Special Operations
  3. Performance
    Collection and enhancement of qualified leads
  4. Audience
    Development of new topic-specific audiences (telecommunications, training, etc.)


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Schematic representation of our expertise


Client case study

Kia—the world’s 4th-biggest car manufacturer—is currently the only one to offer a 7-year guarantee throughout its entire range.
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Offering a range of 13 models, the brand has a constant need to increase its online visibility with a view to boosting web-to-store sales.

Key issue: Help Kia to roll-out its online digital strategy and allow the brand to communicate massively throughout the year to an ultra-affinity audience.
Business model: CPL
Country: FR (all dealerships)
Response: Overarching operation to generate qualified prospects for requests to test drive all Kia models.
Support: (1M UVs / 3.1M pages with advertising / 3.4M members).


Over 1,700 leads generated in 8 months for 13 models